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A list of some of are on-going  projects

  • We distributed 876 dictionaries to 3rd graders in Churchville, Gates-Chili and Rochester School 43 (Value-$1,620)

  • Distributed 55 Easter Dinners (through church's) (Value-$1,513)

  • Funded a new Children's Tech Room, Chili Library. (Through support of a former charter member) (Value-$9,817)

Other Contributions, (Various Values)

  • Camp Haccamo, Scout Troop 327

  • Chili Fire Department

  • Gates Volunteer Ambulance

  • Willow Center, Domestic Violence

  • Gates-Chili Little League

  • Gates Public Library, Children's Supplies

Our Club, in support of District and Rotary International's Foundation, support various projects, like Polio Plus, to eradicate  polio world wide. This project started in 1985 has almost eliminated polio. Only 3 countries have recently reported cases.

Rotary International established foundation for the purpose of distribution of funds for the various projects. It provides upwards of $100 million for international scholarships, cultural exchanges, and  humanitarian projects large and small that improve the quality of life for millions of people. It is regarded widely as the world's largest private provider of international educational scholarships

The Gates-Chili Rotary Club established a foundation to provide greater control and distribution of funds donated or received through fund raising projects

Paul Harris Fellow

Given on receiving $1,000

to the Foundation

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